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What Things Should You Consider While Buying Steering Wheels?

You want to buy your new Thrustmaster steering wheels and you’re excited to begin gaining that podium setting, but you’ve refrained yet. One of the most integral parts of your setup is the wheelbase. It provides the force feedback needed for your immersion and allows you to get the most of your wheel.

What is the most effective Thrustmaster wheel base? There are a couple of alternatives and you have to choose which one is for you. Wheel bases are often expensive so it’s important to do the research and not make any impulse choices.

What To Look For In A Good Simulator Racing Wheel Base?

Force Feedback

If immersion is high up on your listing of what you need in your racing simulator experience, then force feedback is a must-have. Force feedback is what provides the resistance in your wheel when steering and utilizes electric motors to mimic different types of surface. The resulting effect is a driving experience unlike any other.

Angle of Rotation

Variety of rotation is equally as important as force feedback for immersion. Most wheelbases will give an excellent 900 ° of rotation. This is around one of the most optimal angles of turning for a steering wheel while simulator racing as it gives you as much motion as you might need.

By comparison, a cheap steering wheel with only 360 ° of rotation will seriously leave you burdened while competing and rotation will seriously impact your immersion.

The Cost

The cost of your wheelbase should be a large part of your choice of a wheelbase. Now, many wheelbases that are worth their salt are most likely to be a minimum of around $250 variety. You need to keep in mind that the cost of the wheelbase is generally different from the price of your chosen wheel.

Develop Quality

Build quality is equally important as any other factor in play when choosing a wheel base. A metal construction would be better however you will find wheel bases made completely of steel. It will be of a hard plastic style. Check that the wheelbase isn’t flexible by any ways as this signifies poor build quality and products.


Compatibility is an important part of the wheelbase you choose. Whether you are competing on Xbox wheel or PS4, constantly check that it’s suitable with not only your system but also your wheel. It’s rather heartbreaking when you purchase a wheelbase that isn’t suitable with your favored wheel.

When it pertains to wheelbases it boils down to one crucial thing: get a wheelbase that fits your requirements and your setting, and naturally, your spending plan.

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